Meditation Techniques: How To Practice & Teach


Three hour roadmap through the two styles of meditation technique: object based meditation (focusing on the breath, visualization, mantra etc.) and open awareness meditation.

Fully customizable and editable.

Excellently designed lessons plans, tried and tested in the classroom! Perfect for a 200-hour, 300-hour or continuing education. Use out of the box, or adapt for your curriculum.

Estimated lesson time:  3 hours

Includes three one-hour lessons. Roadmap through key meditation techniques for object based meditations (focus on breath, sound, or visualization) and open-awareness meditation.

Fully customizable and editable.

What’s included

  • Three hour-long lessons including training in both practicing and teaching meditation techniques
  • Trainer notes to guide you every step of the way
  • Curriculum specially designed to make yoga philosophy relevant for yogis
  • Fun and interactive discussions and activities to drive learning home
  • Student handouts – provided in PDF and Word

Learning objectives

By the end of these three lessons, your students will be able to:

Lesson One:

  • Define meditation
  • Students will describe three benefits to meditation
  • Students will describe two different meditation styles
  • Students will describe an appropriate tone for teaching meditation
  • Students will identify considerations for choosing how to incorporate meditation into a group class
  • Students will be able to teach a short body scan and breath awareness meditation to a partner

Lesson Two:

  • Students will be able to teach a sound meditation to a small group of students
  • Students will be able to teach a visualization meditation to a small group of students

Lesson Three:

  • Students will be able to teach an open awareness meditation
  • Students will create a class plan that incorporates meditation appropriately
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