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I love anatomy and know how challenging it can be to teach properly. These visually-rich lessons are designed to put you in the driver’s seat and shine. You have access to the most recent research, as well as my favorite teaching strategies and activities for applying anatomy to the yoga practice. Best of all, it’s fully editable by you so you can make it your own.

These yoga anatomy lesson plans are based on over 4,000 hours of experience leading teacher trainings, years of anatomical study, and my professional work as an instructional designer. Buy them a la carte, or get the 32-hour anatomy and physiology bundle.

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  • My students got an incredible anatomy training, delivered in a way that was easy to understand and applicable to teaching yoga, and I learned a whole lot more about anatomy by going through the material with them.

    Natalie Rousseau
    Natalie Rousseau Living Yoga