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The Professional Essentials bundle includes more than 70 hours of guided lesson plans to support instructing yoga teachers trainees in the art of sequencing and teaching yoga. Through this clear and robust cueing methodology, trainees will learn to teach beyond the general form and address deeper levels of the pose through cueing action and alignment. They will learn to create safe, effective, and creative sequences using peak pose sequencing in the hatha and vinyasa styles. Together, these lessons provide you with cornerstone content that unifies your asana practices, sequencing lessons and cueing skills into one consistent and integrated teaching methodology.

Perfect for a 200-hour, 300-hour or continuing education program; adaptable for your own curriculum.

Editable, customizable and brandable.

What’s Included

  • 70.5 hours of facilitation for teaching trainees how to sequence, cue, and teach yoga
  • Includes additional hours in teaching skills and the Business of Yoga
  • Trainer notes to guide you every step of the way
  • Fun and interactive discussions and activities to drive learning home
  • Student handouts – provided in PDF and Word

Learning Objectives

By the end of these lessons, your students will be able to:

  • Describe key teaching and cueing concepts in your own words (general form, space/stability, direct language, linking language, inclusion, etc.)
  • See their students from an individual and inclusive perspective
  • Describe key simple and balanced actions that can be cued universally in all poses
  • Use direct language to cue yoga poses effectively from the ground up
  • Use simple and paired muscular actions to enliven the expression of the pose
  • Use supportive cues to stabilize risk factors and transitions
  • Use expressive cueing (root-rebound, invitational cueing) to deepen the experience of the pose
  • Offer students effective and supportive verbal assists
  • Safely and ethically administer hands on and verbal assists
  • Accurately cue the breath to support the experience and biomechanics of the postures
  • Create an hour long vinyasa or hatha style class using peak pose sequencing guidelines
  • Properly pace the four parts of class to create a well-rounded class experience in the hatha and vinyasa style

What’s included

Teaching Methodology Lessons

  • Principles of Teaching
  • Foundation
  • How to Cue: Essential and Advanced Cueing Skills
  • Teaching Multilevel Classes
  • Hands On Assists
  • How To Demonstrate
  • Business of Yoga

Sequencing Review Lessons

  • Review select asana practices through the lens of peak pose sequencing
  • Helps students to apply their understanding of sequencing to their class experience

Sequencing Lectures and Activities

  • Lectures and discussions to learn peak pose sequencing methodology
  • Activities to apply this understanding to creating classes in the hatha and vinyasa style

Asana Practices

  • 17 class outlines in the peak pose style
  • Includes guidelines for reinforcing key points
Pricing Options

Six Month Access, Lifetime Access


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